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       Fredrik Mollborn is committed to helping individual inventors and companies obtain affordable, high-quality patent protection. He is a registered Patent Agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Fredrik has worked in leading intellectual property law firms in the U.S. and Europe since 1997. Fredrik is intimately familiar with both the American and European patent processes and has helped his clients obtain patents in increasingly important global markets, such as Japan, Korea, India, and China.

Fredrik uses his technical expertise in computer technologies, electronics, communication technologies, mechanical devices, medical devices, and design to obtain patents on behalf of his clients. He uses his experience to guide his clients through the complex patent process in a stress-free and confident manner.

We look forward to helping you secure your intellectual assets.


Patent Preparation and Prosecution

We provide advice and procurement services concerning U.S. and international patent rights, including, drafting, filing, prosecution, and maintenance of US and foreign patents.

Strategic Counseling

We offer strategic counseling for clients seeking advice regarding the effective development and use of an intellectual property portfolio, including review and analysis of a client’s existing patent portfolio or of a competitor’s products, activities or patent portfolio.

Design Patents

We provide advice and procurement services concerning U.S. and foreign design rights.

Reexamination Support

We provide support to law firms in ex parte and inter partes patent reexaminations.

Litigation Support

We provide litigation and trial support to corporate and individual clients involved in intellectual property litigation, commercial and private disputes, and governmental investigations and litigation.

Overview of Our Patent Process

  • Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation, we discuss what the invention is and ways to describe it based on purpose, composition and use.

  • Patent Search

    During the patent search, we determine if similar inventions already exist.

  • Strategy

    In the strategy meetings, we decide on what type of patent protection we need, where and when to file, if we need overseas protection, costs and timelines.

  • Application Preparation and Prosecution

    We draft and file the patent application and work with examiner at the USPTO to obtain an allowance of the application.

  • Maintenance

    We ensure that patent maintenance fees are paid timely to keep the patent in force.


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